Communication with Lidia was straightforward by email, clarifying and agreeing our request and keeping us in touch throughout on the progress of our commission. The painting was to replace a much-loved silk hanging which had faded over time. Lidia sent us some pictures of her work and explained clearly the limits and options open to us e.g. size, framed or unframed etc. As we were scheduled to be on holiday when the painting was completed, she accommodated our request to delay shipping. When the painting arrived, it was robustly and securely packaged. The price of the commission and the shipping costs were all reasonable in light of the finished painting which we are happy with.

Jim O’Brien, Glasgow, UK




I have several Lidia’s works, and each of them represents something very special for me. I love the energy and the beauty of each!

The elegance and comfort glowing from the “cup and an orange” oil painting that I have on my kitchen wall. The depth, playfulness and mystical perception of the pastel drawing “The Secret Door”.

The sensual beauty of her flowers-on-silk art is so tangible, that I immediately feel the shift in my mood when I look at my bedroom wall. 

The last painting I got from Lidia, the “Manifestation Flower” showed me the ever-growing capacity of this artist. It was a fun process to come up with my personal intentions for life and for work, and see them coming into the “bloom” through her creative vision.

The personal touch she puts when presenting her work is endearing. The frames, the packaging, the delivery… very stylish and timely!

Highly recommend Lidia to everyone who is looking for a thoughtful gift to friends, or yourself. Your house and your soul will be happy 🙂

Zhanna R. Lee, MA, USA




Lidia- just the name of this artist is as beautiful, as her incredible artwork! She is so versatile, multifaceted and unique! I have one of her 7 chakra flowers above my bed- so delicate, painted on silk- simple and yet, so extravagant! Another Lida’s artwork i absolutely LOVE- Is a pastel painting of a sunrise over the ocean…. Who doesn’t LOVE an ocean? Right?! It is so mesmerizing, the colors, transitions, shades, I am IN LOVE with that painting and I can’t take my eyes of it! I am excited to purchase more incredible art from Lidia and I am always amazed by the beauty she creates!

Tatiana, MA, USA


I am so grateful for Lidia’s creative work and the role it has played in my healing process. I was intrigued by her Yoni flower inspired art on silk that I asked her for 7 pieces to represent the chakras. The entire process working with her was wonderful- her care and attention to detail in regards to my specific intention was impressive. She was sure to confirm with me that her concepts were what I had in mind & her humility and respectful care  while doing so was refreshing. Lidia exceeded my requests for sure! She created such subtle & brilliant representations of (my) Yoni in each of the 7 pieces on silk. The beautiful “flowers” are such a classy & meaningful display to me and my evolving femininity, I love showing them in my home or place of work. Thank you Lidia!

Jessi “”, Lifestyle & Intimacy Coach, MA, USA



This is truly the most beautiful painting I have ever owned. Of all the works I have ever purchased, this is among toy favorite things–it is like an old master Dutch painting–very subtle and beautifully painting, and gorgeous in the light. I hope more people buy her work because it is amazing, and she deserves support. I would recommend her to anyone looking to purchase and I sincerely hope she is a successful artist on Etsy.

Kate, MA, USA




Thank you, love it:) Everything was A+!

Michael, RI, USA


Great seller! Fast shipping (5 days to Boston). Securely packed and shipping rate is reasonable. I really enjoy this painting : it is looking so lovely in my dining room. Beautiful colors, nice painting technic . As an artist I am really glad to have this peace in my collection.

Jane, RI, USA



Lida you are a genius!

I’ like to express my gratitude for the beautiful pictures ❤️

Thank you very much!

Marina, FL, USA



These tulips send the energy of love from the author to the magical world of the beauty of flowers and the splendor of colors and shades pouring on you with a magical dance of silk. Thank you for a breath of love inspiration, Lida

Galina & Julia, FL, USA


The parcel arrived in Belarus in a week, carefully and reliably packed. The seller is pleasant in communication, attentive to wishes, responsible. The drawing is cool: calmness, simplicity and conciseness – this is exactly what I needed. Very grateful to Lydia; let inspiration and luck accompany it everywhere.

 Elena, Belarus



Lovely painting! It is even more beautiful than the photos could show. It was wrapped carefully and securely, and arrived in perfect condition.




Beautiful original. Great price. Good packaging.

Jessica,  ARNOLD, CA, USA