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Lidia Mikhaylova

The review about my painting on silk

”Yoni art for more pleasure at home

Recommendation for sensual seekers

Hello, my Tantra friends!

If you are looking for a gift to your beloved, or simply lacking some beautiful sensual feminine vibe in your house – I have a great suggestion for you! My friend Lidia is in the full bloom on creating her new YONI FLOWERS art collection on silk. These art works are beautiful, elegant, and they may be individually designed and ordered (specific chakra, flower, or color) to match your personal visions, desires, or an interior.

It’s only $150 for each, so you can create the whole garden!  

I have one in my room, and it’s perfect! 

 I believe sensual art is a must have for any bedroom (or a house!)  to create more energy and pleasure! 😊 

Please, visit her website to learn more about this collection and her as an artist!

GOD NEWS: she is in Massachusetts at the moment, actively working, so it won’t take long for you to get what you want!

You can order by sending her an email or text.

+1 401 855 7672 (text only)

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions! 

Here is how Lidia describes her Yoni Art herself:

“The inner life of each person is based on energy centers or what we call chakras. These impact our daily lives by either developing or inhibiting our emotional, intellectual, and physical lives.

Universe has endowed women with a wonderful gift – the Yoni. In Sanskrit, the word Yoni means female genitalia. Besides being the most feminine part of the female body, it’s also the most receptive, and the most sensitive. It truly is the most amazing part of the feminine.

In tantra, the Yoni is also associated with the cosmic gate; the gate to the Universe, the Source or the sacred temple; the place from which we all came into this world. Simply put, the Yoni is a mystical, mysterious, powerful, and beautiful place!

Each woman’s chakra has its own portal; its own gate to the Universe, its own yoni. By revealing our feminine power and our strong relationships with our yoni, we open, strengthen, and balance our chakras. This raises the energy of consciousness, and we achieve self-realization and connection with the deepest part of ourselves; our soul.

My works will help you unleash your power and connect back to your true source”.”